iRest-eezi Reader by Ellie Bee

A stable, handsfree support to hold any mobile device, phone, tablet, book etc.


  • Ideal for travelling, studying, surfing the web, watching a film,

  • Keeps your hands free knowing your device/book is secure.

  • Helps relieve (RSI) Repetitive Strain Injury.

  • Can be used as a travel pillow for long journeys.

  • Available in two sizes and a choice of designs

  • Fully Washable

  • Suitable for ages 36 months +

Tablet/Book size:

30cm x 30cm x 34cm tall approx


Delivery within 2/3 days. Paypal accepted.

Mobile phone size:

24cm x 24cm x 20cm tall approx


Delivery within 2/3 days. Paypal accepted.

Ideal for reading

perfect for work

available in different sizes

Wheat Bags by Ellie Bee

Heat your Wheat Bag to relieve and soothe those aching, tense muscles. Aids relief from arthritis, aching joints, tense muscles, strains and sprains, period pains, stress and helps restful sleep.


Cooling your Wheat Bag will help to reduce bruising, swelling, fever, headache/ migraine, sports injuries, sunburn relief etc.  


The Wheat Bags contain Cleaned Dust Free Wheat and Organic French Lavender Buds. They are soft and pliable and can be used Hot or Cold.


Heat up in the microwave for a maximum time of two minutes on medium setting from room temperature (refer to safety and heating instructions) or you can chill in the freezer for a maximum time of 30 minutes. (Don't freeze).

Available in a choice of nine designs and two sizes.

Long/Wrap around:

46cm x 15cm approx


Delivery within 2/3 days. Paypal accepted.


23cm x 23cm approx


Delivery within 2/3 days. Paypal accepted.


With many years of experience in the sewing and textiles industry, I am passionate about creating quality products, using the best materials to create lasting products to the highest standard. All the items we sell are made by Ellie Bee, this is why we can guarantee that everything is made and quality checked to the highest standard.

Sewing Machine



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Ideal for reading